Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Cycle 1 2016 Update

We have been really busy.  Most students now have two projects underway. The first task is designing and making a Po,  which is based on personal family history.

LINE OF INQUIRY 1: Students will show their turangawarwae by forming a 3D sculptural totem. They will capture a final image and reflect on the concepts of connection in a statement which shows their understand of the physical forms of connection they have used to form the work, and their personal connection to the ideas they have expressed in the sculpture.

The second task is to make, using Adobe Illustrator software, a cover page for their Visual Arts folder.  Students are required to include a logo design, a word that describes them, placed inside a banner on the logo, text that tells the viewer who's folder, room, team that the cover belongs to and finally an image of themselves which has had an effect added to the image.

LINE OF INQUIRY 2: The nature of self. When designing their cover page, students will show a connection to themselves and the folder of work that this page covers.  They will use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to develop their cover page. On completion, will be printed and placed at the front of their clear file folders. Students will reflection on their connections and the way in which these have been communicated.

Check out the images below of where some student have got to.

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