Wednesday, 10 February 2016

2016- Rotation 1 -Task 2 and 3 Collection of ideas.

Homework for task 2 and 3.

Task 1- Design Ideas
On a piece of A4 paper think of  4 -6 ideas that you could use in the construction of your 3D totem pole. (You can more ideas, that’s even better).  These totems will be seen from every side, so you may have items that would be seen on the back only or the front only.  These totems will be in colour.  And constructed from cardboard, paper mache, bamboo and what every we else we can be creative with.  If you have wool, clothing material or anything else you can think that might make your totem unique bring it along.

Think about clothing, pets, animals, sporting interests, hair styles, music, hobbies or favourite things you like to do or are interested in.  Things you might be wearing on feet or carrying in your hands/arms.

Think about a range of generations:- you, your parents, grandparents or even ancestors from further back.  Think about different sides of your family.

Research  images totem poles or Maori Po.  Look at the colours and patterns they have used.  These will have meaning.  Could you develop something similar to use that represents your cultural background.

Task 2 A photo of you.

It could be a family photo, so long as you are in it.  It could be just a head shot or it might be you with your favourite thing, pet, sport etc, so long as I can see you!

You can either bring the photo to school, I scan for you and give you your photo straight back to you,
You can email me a jpeg image only (don’t put the image into any other document or software).   My email is
If you are going to email, then please make sure that you include your name, room and team in the message section and attached the jPeg image.
You can pop in before class in morning or at big break and ask me to take a photo of you on my camera.  Just make sure you have done this option before your next class.

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